Married Life

Married Life

For sake of simplicity we will categorize married life in two stages;

  • Before marriage

  • After marriage

Now lets take an overview of these two stages;

Before Marriage

Before marriage we need to categorize it into precautions and remedies;


Precautions:  Here we will discuss the precautions to be taken while match making (gun-milaan).We suggest you to put a lot of emphasis on proper match making. is strongly recommended that a manglik should be matched with a manglik only.


Remedies: Besides that while match making (gun-milaan), sometimes we fall short of required numbers in order to reach the threshold of a successful match. In  case, if the families are still willing to go ahead with the marriage with mutual understanding, then there are remedies which can be applied to ensure happy married life. ( The topic of match making and manglik that we discussed are based on astrological beliefs, the precautions and remedies for them that we discussed have to followed strictly for a happy married life)


Besides this, there are other reasons also which might affect the married life. We analyze them and provide authentic remedial actions both before and after marriage. All these remedies are based on our practical research based analysis.

After Marriage

We come across many cases in which couples are not compatible and get into marital disputes. And such disputes can be causes of a lot of mental agony and stress in life especially adversely affecting the kids in the family.


In such cases we can suggest authentic remedies. Perfect astro Solutions have come up with its unique remedies based on astrology and our own practical experiences in this regard have given us tremendous results.