About Us

About us

I am Vikas Sharma, analyst and researcher in astrology. Iam based in Panchkula Haryana. My main purpose of coming up with Perfect Astro Solutions was to counter the practice of exaggerated and inaccuarate claims; that is widely prevalent in the field today. There are many theories prevalent in astrology today which claim results, which have differences, contradictions and misconceptions. I want these different theories should be considered and we should come up with a consensus wherever possible. However, I don’t consider a theory worthy of being followed unless it gives 100% authentic results. I, so far with my research , have been able to come up with accurate results in two major issues being faced by people in our society; miscarriage and marital discord. These are two areas where we can provide guaranteed relief to our clients if they follow our remedies. Our claims are not based on mere theory but based on practically proved and definable concepts.


At perfect astro solutions, we do not follow only the age old astrological beliefs, but we also strive for even better results by continuously researching in this field. Besides that we can also provide guidance on issues related to education, health and profession etc. It is our endeavor to provide you positive results on these issues also. In future also we would continue our research based analysis of different problems that we face in our life and will share the results with you.